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Bentley S2

Updated: May 12, 2022

Classic Car Restoration

Our client had owned a Bentley S2 for many years. It had previously had a poor quality restoration and displayed lacklustre paint, poor panel fit and rust was becoming apparent on the sills. This led our client to the decision that the car needed restoring and Puremedium was commissioned to undertake a full restoration. We carefully stripped the car back to bare metal, hand built new sill panels, reworked much of the metal work replacing filler and making good panels. We then primed and painted the car using the latest techniques, giving it the panel fit and paint finish it would have had when new. The owner is fully satisfied and we are now restoring another of his classic cars in the same way.

“The finished Bentley really exceeded my expectations. I felt complete admiration for the craftsmanship, skill and attention that was given in this restoration.”

Ian Mulingani



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