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Our Turn-Key Solution

Full Service Offering

We are pleased to announce the formation of a new group of companies under the Puremedium Banner, this new group gives us a significant increase in our capabilities and allows us to deliver a true turn-key offer to our customers. From concept design through development to precision manufacture, completely managed in house. We develop bespoke ideas and turn them into reality. Built on our robust background of design, engineering and manufacturing we are perfectly positioned to realise any project into a beautifully executed item built on a quality driven promise.

Whether you require design and development of single components or a complete property fast delivered as proof of concept, or precision engineered product - tooling, fabrication, machining, and assembly we can deliver.

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Our Expertise


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Styling Design

Puremedium has the ability to provide the following services at the start of a vehicle life cycle :

Design research and strategic brand studies

Market Customer and Competitor profiling

Vehicle and Product architecture and ergonomic studies

2D Sketch Programs for Interior and Exterior

‘In house’ CAS team offering Alias, Catia, and Icem Surf digital development

CAD Design

Puremedium offer full CAD support from Sketch Modelling through surface development to Production ‘Class A’ Surface release. We are well versed with industry standard software, typically Solidworks, Alias, and Catia.

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PM_Design Engineering_Post 4.0.jpg

Design Engineering (Development)

Our Design Engineers are capable of taking proof of concepts through to fully developed designs for production. 

3D Scanning

Puremedium has a dedicated prototype inspection area that utilises Alu-Fix flexible fixturing to eliminate the requirement for full checking fixtures. This is ideal for prototype and low volume to minimise investment. Puremediums use Axle software and deliver inspection reports in line with the customer requirements for inspection points from individual parts up to sub-assemblies

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3D Scanning
PM_Physcial Model_Post 6.0.jpg

Physical Models

Puremedium has the ability to provide the following services at the start of a vehicle life cycle :

Clay Models

Interior and Exterior styling models (Styling, Functional and Ergonomic).


Cooling Models

Assembly Fixturing

Checking Media (Prototype & Production)

Physical Models

Show Properties

The Puremedium team has produced award winning show vehicles for many premium OEM studios, and has had vehicles exhibited at Detroit, Paris, Geneva, Shanghai, LA and Goodwood. Puremedium has produced show vehicles for passenger cars as well as commercial vehicles and these can range from solid painted hard models to fully operational running vehicles. As well as show cars the Business has built Mule vehicles for early test and calibration work for all of our customers.

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Show Properties


Puremedium design low volume production tooling, cast iron prototype tooling, rubber press tooling, hammer forms, GRP tooling, carbon fibre tooling and vacuum forming tooling for prototype trim components. We also design and manufacture assembly fixturing from very basic low cost assembly jigs up to prototype framing fixtures for complete BIW assembly Puremedium have 3 and 5 axis machines capable of producing tools for large components such as bodysides, doors, roof panels for limousines and vehicle floors, as well as tooling for the aerospace industry.

Low Volume Production

Puremedium can project manage complex pressing programs, supplemented by the ability to press prototype parts on site at Coventry with a variety of inhouse presses. Puremedium have 5 axis laser capabilities for panel trimming and design and manufacture all laser fixtures in house. Puremedium design and manufacture their own hammer forms to convert the trimmed drawn shells to finished components. In some instances we still hand make parts for one off or very low volume parts where matched tooling is not cost effective.

PM_Low Volume Prodcution_Post 8.0.jpg
Low Volume Production



Through past experience the following work can be undertaken here at Puremedium :​

•        Show Models

        Data Control Models

        Small Intricate Detail Parts

        Acrylic Parts

        Patterns & Moulds

        Composite Tooling


        Jigs & Fixtures

        Low Volume Production Parts

        Aluminium, Steel & Cast iron Tooling

        Composite Part Machining

        Bespoke Furniture

General Facilities


Large Studio Area

With 6.5 metre x 2.5 metre floor mounted plate

Scanning & Inspection Facilities 

Full Vehicle Capability

Composite Lay Up Facilities


Sheet Metal & Fabrication Facilities

Welding Aluminium and Steel (TIG, MIG and Spot upto 20mm thickness)   |   Pressed parts In House  |  Sheet Metal Work

(Restoration work, Welded assemblies, Fixture Building, 1 off prototype work, Bonding, glueing, Metal Folding, Fixing and Finishing) 

5 Axis CNC

For soft materials and aluminium

CNC Facilities

5 Axis 

X 2400mm x Y 1800mm x Z 1300mm

5 Axis 

X 5000mm x Y 2500mm x Z 1260mm

5 axis 

X 550mm x Y 450mm x Z 540mm

3 + 2 Axis CNC

For tool manufacture

Large envelope 3 + 2 Axis

X 5000mm x Y 2700mm x Z 1000mm

Medium envelope 3 + 2 Axis upto

X 2000mm x Y 1200mm x Z 1000mm

3 Axis CNC

For high speed machining

Large envelope 3 Axis 

X 1625mm x Y 863mm x Z 762mm

Medium envelope 3 Axis upto

X 1040 x Y 610mm x Z 700mm

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