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Who We Are

Design, Engineering & Manufacturing.

Puremedium develops bespoke ideas and turns them into reality.

Built on our robust background of design, engineering and manufacturing we are perfectly positioned to realise any project into a beautifully executed item built on a quality driven promise.

To enable us to deliver we have a team of skilled designers and engineers with a wealth of experience and pride in the quality of what they produce. From full vehicles to the smallest detailed item we have the desire and ability to meet your expectations.  

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Our Philosophy

Whilst still developing our automotive and aerospace success stories we aim to continue to deliver these alongside our desire to take your bespoke idea and turn it into a reality.

We will encourage our customers to stay engaged and involved at all stages of the development and to feel part of the journey through to the realisation and production of your unique product. We strive to be a solution provider and produce stunning quality.

Core Values

Our Expertise

Building on our traditional background of automotive and aerospace craftsmanship and quality assurance projects, this eye for detail naturally evolves into our bespoke project offerings. Multi-Skilled designers, craftsmen and artisans blend together to create unique products beautifully executed.

Our Experience

“Our team of craftsmen are all trained in the use of hand skills but they also embrace and integrate the advantages of technology. This gives the ultimate blend between hand-made and technical processes. Our team are experienced in working with a variety of materials such as wood, composites and metals through to some of the exciting materials that 3D printing has to offer. We also offer paint development and unique trim offerings.”

Our Commitment To Results

Quality is not a desire, but a given. We expect you as a customer to feel engaged, part of the process and entirely satisfied with the end project. Our key performance indicator is customer satisfaction.

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